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The Heroic Age: Dawn of a New Age

In 1954 in the middle of McCarthyism the Super Heroes of the United States were brought to task to either fight communism or leave the country. Seeing the possible Super Hero Cold War on the horizon they disappeared into legend and faded away from the public consciousness. In the modern day a secret society of Super Beings exists hidden away from the rest of the world, but a conspiracy begins to bring them into the light and cause the rise of Super Beings and place them on the top of the world.

Fiction Made Flesh

Serina Spileman is a somewhat average girl, however one day she discovers a new student in her school transform into a magical girl and fight against a mysterious monster. While trying to help her, the pair discovers others, a super hero fighting an evil organization of villains, a knight from the past fighting demons, an alien fighting an evil alien empire, and a psychic fighting another evil organization. Quickly learning about their various circumstances she tries to get the group to work together before discovering their relation to fictional works.

Wolf Rider of Ninguix

In a land of eternal ice and snow a young nobleman named Lorcann Mulgrove loses his family in an accident and left on his own in the cold cruel world meets a man on the back of a large wolf. Taken in by the Wolf Riders Lor learns of the true situation of his homeland as the winters grow colder and crueler every year and a hidden conspiracy of nobelmen hide the truth of their world, as Lor slowly becomes the key to changing the world.

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Alter Squadron

Once the world came close to destruction but a team of heroes stood up and saved the world. However, since then time has passed and now their descendants must take up the cause, it’s to bad that their mostly incompetent. However, while one team keeps their eyes to the sky more teams begin to emerge to deal with more terrestrial threats and some even beyond that.

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Masked Knights Pt.1

In Alkimine city an ancient ritual takes place every few decades. Monsters take to the streets and heroes harness the power of mythical creatures to battle them. However, this time it’s different. A new group takes the stage using data on animals to enhance themselves these new Knights join the fray. As the chaos grows and unscrupulous groups go after the prize a new extra Knight enters the battle as well. In this battle between thirteen Knights only one can claim the prize. As factions form and alliances are made, the world shakes as these Monstrous Knights take the stage.

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