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Tale of the Draco Knight

As Monsters known as Primevils appear in Alkimine City. A group of magic researchers gather to unseal sacred armaments to combat them. A recent member of the group Kit Pendell is chosen to take up the most sacred of arms, the Phantasze Unit. Using this he transforms into the Draco Knight a hero who combats the Primevils and defend the city. However, as he goes out, he finds another group going out to battle the Primevils stealing their cores for some unknown purpose. With new enemies and unlocking new powers Kit has a lot to learn as the Draco Knight.

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Tale of the Fang Knight

A secret group known as the Sci Ops have researched the Knights and created their own group. Among them is Takumi Kamuta designated as the Fang Knight. Standing as the lone wolf of his group he rarely likes to work with others mostly deciding to fight on his own. As he watches he becomes curious of the identity of Draco Knight. Wanting to uncover his secrets and find a potential ally in their fight. As he goes on, he discovers a secret group of Knights who are seeking the Primevils and trying to steal away their power. Seeking a way to end the chaos Takumi seeks more allies and hunts for the secrets of the Primevils.

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A Clash of Beasts

As the Cores spread across the city, they choose specific hosts enhancing them and awakening Primevils. However, amid this the Knights rush claiming Cores and awakening to new power as they fight against one another and a war rages. Amidst this a new force enters the city a thirteenth Knight and a mysterious monster. The two of them seeming to work against the other Knights and dismantling the ritual. In the middle of this new alliances of formed and allies break apart. With Kit and Takumi brought to the brink as they seek a way to end the chaos with their allies falling or everything breaking apart, they come to one final clash. As the Beasts rampage the ritual comes more step closer to completion.

Book 4

The Utopian Conspiracy 

Kit and Takumi have aligned themselves for one simple goal. To put an end to the ritual and stop whoever’s responsible before things get to out of control. With no leads they team up with Miyu as the three work together to find the secrets of the ritual and stop the forces behind the scene. As everything ramps up the Bel Cult continues their plans to gather the remaining Cores once more and end the ritual once and for all. As the battles come to a close and the ritual completes the Knights are pushed to their breaking points as the ones behind the scenes make their move and Farah struggles to fulfill her destined role. As everything sets into place the battle against paradise itself begins.

Book 5

Wrath of the Elemental King

Months have passed since the Ain Soph Ritual ended. Everything has settled peacefully and everyone has moved on with their lives. However, the Elementum has reappeared alongside Primevils. The remaining Knights return reclaiming their powers to restart their fight in defense of their city. However, a figure within the shadows makes their move claiming the Elementum for themselves to take up and become a Fourteenth Knight, the Elemental Knight.  Now the strongest Knight takes the stage as they seek to change the world by their ideals. The world itself quakes as this battle between Knights rages on.

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