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Wolf Rider of Ninguix

In a land of eternal ice and snow a young nobleman named Lorcann Mulgrove loses his family in an accident and left on his own in the cold cruel world meets a man on the back of a large wolf. Taken in by the Wolf Riders Lor learns of the true situation of his homeland as the winters grow colder and crueler every year and a hidden conspiracy of nobelmen hide the truth of their world, as Lor slowly becomes the key to changing the world.

Tribes of Jungala

Two years after the return of summer the land of Ninguix is enjoying a time of prosperity. However Lorcann is down in a rut, living his daily life as the Lord of Mulgrove. However when mysterious invisible invaders arrive the Wolf Riders learn of lands beyond their own. With knowledge of a monstrous threat coming from the North, Lor heads out alongside a new ally Estee to investigate. Headed towards the mysterious lands of Jungala, Lor learns more of the outside world and the threats that come from it and why his ancestors sealed themselves away.

Rebels of Perticia

Discovering the threat of the Dragons, Lor and his pack alongside their Jungalaian allies head out beyond their realm to learn more. Facing hardship and struggle in these barren unknown lands the group comes upon a familiar face and a rebel group battling aginst the power of the Dragons and their Riders. Joining forces begrudgingly with this group for survival the full scope of their opposition and the threat to their home is laid bare to them all as Lor comes to a difficult decision.

War of the Dragon Riders

Lor is captured held captive by the Dragon Riders as they continue their plans. Along his side is Oswald Offield a Dragon Rider given the inglorious task of watching over him. Captured and alone Lor decides to take in everything he can to help with the growing war effort. At the same time Osawld is growing suspicious of his superior and the state of the world in and of itself. As tensions grow in and around Dragon's Keep Lor and Oswald find themselves in the center of everything as the world itself seems to shake around them.

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