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Fiction Made Flesh

Serina Spileman is a somewhat average girl, however one day she discovers a new student in her school transform into a magical girl and fight against a mysterious monster. While trying to help her, the pair discovers others, a super hero fighting an evil organization of villains, a knight from the past fighting demons, an alien fighting an evil alien empire, and a psychic fighting another evil organization. Quickly learning about their various circumstances she tries to get the group to work together before discovering their relation to fictional works.

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The Grand Illusion

Serina and the others have learned of their fictional origins and each has their own way of dealing with the knowledge. Serina plans to tell her family and the others each go through their own thoughts. All the while a mysterious old man wanders about time searching for something and knowing of each their secrets and the actual goings on of the town and the mysterious happenings that are occurring.