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Blade Quest

In a world run by RPG logic a pair of childhood friends set out to start a guild hoping to make a name for themselves in the world. Chancing upon a legendary sword the two are fast tracked on a mysterious path involving an ancient war with the Gods and the future of their world.

Dual Soul

In Conmer City mysterious incidents have been on the raise with attacks, robberies, and other crimes on the raise. However, after a mysterious encounter a boy encounters a Phantom and together the two of them will start a revolution that will save the town and then the world. As the spirits of another world start to slowly become more and more frequent and the world itself begins to change and the Phantom Crisis begins.


Kaiju Bawler

In a world where giant Kaijus are common place people have tamed these Kaijus and used them as weapons. However, in an age of peace now people use them in competitions against each other to prove which is the strongest and crown a King of the Kaijus. A young boy dreams of becoming the king alongside his beloved Kaiju pal. When given a chance by a former Kaiju Brawler now an agent as the small team works together to take the crown.

King's War Game.png

King's War Game

The king has died. Without an heir apparent the entire kingdom is on the verge of war debating about who should rule next. In order to determine the next king a King’s Game is announced. Gathering twelve participants onto the Aloock islands they are made to compete against each other. Among the twelve a small war begins using the island natives as pawns and tools the king candidates play war against each other all acting as pawns of even greater forces.

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