The Heroic Age 1.JPG

The Heroic Age: Dawn of a New Age

In 1954 in the middle of McCarthyism the Super Heroes of the United States were brought to task to either fight communism or leave the country. Seeing the possible Super Hero Cold War on the horizon they disappeared into legend and faded away from the public consciousness. In the modern day a secret society of Super Beings exists hidden away from the rest of the world, but a conspiracy begins to bring them into the light and cause the rise of Super Beings and place them on the top of the world.

The Heroic Age 2.JPG

The Heroic Age: Clash of Ages

After the city becomes exposed and the first military assault the tensions are high with war possibly on the horizon. Now free to cause chaos and blame the others Super Villains begin rising up and gathering into large groups as the secrets of the conspiracy start coming into the light. As an old Super Villain returns to his former glory, he has his eyes yet again set to take the world under his thumb now a new age of Heroes has to come together and save the world.