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In the land of Zobeai the descendants of an ancient race known as the Zodiacs rule and war against each other. The twelve clans have warred for hundreds of years and the age has entered a somewhat cautious peace. However, the peace is fragile and as the tension swells someone plans to come around and end the Wars no matter what. In the midst of this stagnation a young boy in a backwater village awakens to lost powers and, on a journey, to regain the memories of his former life he walks onto the path of destiny as the Zodiacs wage their war.

Zodaic Wars

Once Humanity met with the Fairies. A race of beings from another realm who mimicked human guises to live among them. Using the magic of the fairies combined with technology humanity spread across the stars conquering their solar system. And after a time of strife peace came however in this time of peace a new sport was born. Fairy Fencing, a sport born from the unison of Humans and Fairies. However, the Fairies have a secret one they keep above all else. In the shadows they vie for power with each other continuing an ancient war using Fairy Fencing as a guide. Amidst this war a young girl in a small space colony happens upon a newborn Fairy.

Fairy Fencer

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