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Alter Squadron: Unworthy Heroes

Years ago, a group of heroes defended the world from an alien threat. After the world was saved, they retired and went to their daily lives. Now the world is under threat once again and the descendants of those heroes must know stand to defend the world where their grandparents stood. Gathered together as the Cosmic Alter they battle an alien invasion to keep the world safe. However, they are unworthy, unwilling, and unqualified to defend the world. With the invasion incoming and little time, this new group of heroes has to get it together to save the world

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Alter Squadron: Looming Desolation

With the first scouting wave defeated and their commander imprisoned the Cosmic Alter are enjoying a minor peace. Lamenting the loss of one of their own a replacement is needed to join the team. As the group rests somewhat, Aliens appear in small bursts causing disturbances for some unknown goal. Lacking manpower and seeking new allies a mysterious newcomer appears to combat the aliens and even attacking the Alters themselves. At the same time the Cosmic Alter awaken to a new dangerous power that could either be their salvation or spell their doom.

Book 3

Alter Squadron: Alter Resurgence

Defeated and separated, the Cosmic Alter deal with their loss. With some captured, all injured, and struggling to control their new powers. The Cosmic Alter stand at their lowest point. But they still force themselves forward to save the earth. As the Havaggre Empire plans to summon a full invasion of Earth, the Alter are running out of time. Pressed against the corner the Alters have to prove themselves as Heroes or else the world is loss.

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