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First Blog Post & No Idea what to Write.

So here's my first blog post for the website. And I have no idea what to write about. I thought maybe a top ten list or something like that, then I questioned what kind of list to actually make. From there I spiraled and spiraled and it just lead me back to the initial question, what the hell should I write?

Eventually I just came to this post, and well it's nothing much. Just a post about why I probably won't be posting many blog entries. I could probably do some interesting things here on the site, but for now all I have is this random babbling that I hope eventually ends up somewhat coherently.

In the end I'm not the best at talking about myself. I honestly find the advertising part of writing to be my weakest aspect. Give me a spark and I can write a story maybe even multiple, but then tell me to sell that story then we have a problem. It's an issue I hope to solve overtime maybe break out of the proverbial shell, but as in all things the shell is comfortable and also allows me to be super productive. But I guess advertising is part of being a writer nowadays so I'll wrap my head around that in time.

Overall I just have one primary goal, and well that's to tell interesting and fun stories. It's been something I've liked doing and experiencing since I was a kid and I want to keep doing it. If your still reading this after this long ramblly passage, then I applaud you.

Thanks for your time and consider checking out a few books while your looking around the website.

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